I can stare at this all day long tbh…


I can stare at this all day long tbh…

Their dance is awesome.

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Offical Big Byung Merch Giveaway!




Winner Receives:

  • 5 Gallom (640 Fl. oz) Water jug.
    disclaimer: Jug does not come filled.


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  • No giveaway blogs.

Contest Ends August 31st! Good Luck!

I hope you realize that I will legit send this to someone in the mail.


Our #KCON 2014 Kpop Cosplay Masquerade winners.!

Big shout out to Kore Limited (Instagram: @KoreLimited) for the $100 gift card at their booth on location.
For more photo coverage of KCON:



Big Byung(빅병) — Stress Come on! (스트레스 컴온!)

(its on 1theK omg offical teaser yasss.)

Photos I took at the KCON 2014 Cosplay Masquerade (minus the Shinee one, which was taken by the wonderful photographer of the event). All of you were absolutely amazing! Sorry I didn’t get everyone, while I wasn’t taking photos I was clapping or fanning myself (it was so hot at KCON ugh).